Community In A Time of Chaos

It is funny. Ever since I started @sliceofsf, I learned that pizza can be intense. From aggressive reactions on posts to angry direct message, people have opinions and they share them loudly. 

Today, things are pretty crazy. Here in San Francisco, we have been asked to "shelter-in-place." It seems like other cities are following suit as a result of the novel coronavirus. This is forcing businesses to close with serious uncertainty about the future.  Fortunately, delivery/takeout only restaurants are managing to stay open as "essential." This eases the blow for some, but not all.

Now, as uncertainty and fear mounts, one might expect restaurants to be even more competitive for scarce resources and marketshare. The opposite has happened. The past few weeks have brought out an amazing community of restauranteurs, bloggers, critics, foodies and simply good people that want to help one another stay afloat.

Restaurants are offering gift cards at a discount to help weather the storm and even Michelin starred restaurants have switched to takeout and third party delivery. As the famous saying goes, "when the going get's tough, the tough get going" and that is exactly what I am seeing in this strong community.

I hope that this community is able to lift itself up through hardship and support one another where it can. It is on the rest of us to assist them through this. 

This is all happening in the pizza world as well. The past few weeks have proved to me that even though I initially feared this community to be an aggressive, combative one, that could not be further from the truth. Passionate people can be strong but that does not mean ill intentioned and now is as good a time as any to remember that.

Help out. Tell someone you care about them. Support businesses where you can. Stay safe.


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  • WE went out and supported Tony & Alba’s pizza in San Jose. They have the contactless service down pat. And their long-rising pizza crust is made with our Umunhum Brewing co-op beer


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