This Week in Pizza - 9/26

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my first real blog post. My goal is to be short and sweet here but am very open to suggestions so just let me know what you think and what you want to see! Here goes nothing...


This week is a big one in in the pizza world. There is an expo in Atlantic City but perhaps more importantly, Pizza Hut came out with a Cheese-It pizza! seriously. It is basically a Cheese-It crusted mozzarella stick with marinara dipping sauce. How that is pizza? I am not totally sure. It is, above all, unique.


In other news, IPO madness has made its way to pizza as Lebron James is trying to grow Blaze into a formidable Domino's competitor...yeah right. I don't know about you all but I think Domino's serves a very important place in the world. I will never say it is my favorite pizza but I will also never say it is bad. Sometimes, the only thing in the world I want is a doughy, cheesy, saucy, weird smelling Domino's pizza with an order of lava crunch cakes. Sorry I'm not sorry? Blaze on the other hand is trying to be higher end, configurable pizza but doesn't cater to pizza-nerds/connoisseurs nor those who crave a cheap, fast and heavy meal. Sorry Blaze, I think you're setting yourself up for a disaster. Are they the WeWork of pizza??? 


I guess basketball and pizza are actually a good combo? Papa John's sure thinks so because in an effort to fix their soiled image (thanks John Schnatter), they appointed Shaquille O'Neal to the board of directors and featured him in a wholesome commercial ( Who knows, maybe this will work?


As for my week, I have resampled some old spots to find myself disappointed (reviews coming), am working with a few pizzerias on event planning and may be working with a YouTuber on an SF pizza documentary...stay tuned!


Yours in pizza,

Slice of SF/Crust Critic.

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