This Week in Pizza - 10/3

Hello and happy National Pizza Month everyone! This week has been an exciting one from the potentially massive disability lawsuit with Dominos, lots of free pizza deals, a robot that can make 300 pizzas an hour and more...


The Domino's lawsuit seems unfair but who am I to decide...they seem to be an example of a larger problem: online access and contribution for people with disabilities...who knows what will happen here but I don't think Domino's is to blame.


Picnic, a Seattle startup, made a robot that can crank out 300 12-inch pizzas an hour. Lookout Zume, another company is hoping to ruin pizza, one robot at a time. I can appreciate the work that goes into making these robots, I work at a software company, but they still make me sad. Until a robot-made pizza is undeniably better, I will be a sceptic. 


Adam Rapoport of Bon Appetit also acknowledged that Digiorno makes one heck of a frozen square pie! Who knew?! ( isn't delivery...


Lastly, check out some of the deals Thrillist compiled for your pizza-pleasure.


Heading to Portland for a pizza-filled weekend. Can't wait to share my experiences with you all.


Yours in Pizza,

Slice of SF/Crust Critic


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